Rewards & Recognition

How we say thanks to you

Reap the rewards and celebrate your success

We believe that everyone deserves to be recognised for their outstanding achievements. That’s why we regularly connect to celebrate each other’s successes as a team.

Because a career here is about so much more than just the workday.

Our year is full of opportunities to recognise and celebrate our people in various ways – and that’s how it should be!

Frequent recognition is all part of it

Whether it’s a pat on the back by your Branch Manager for a job well done, receiving a recognition card from one of your colleagues or being acknowledged as one of our O’O’O’ Award winners, recognition is always given where it is due.

We also run quarterly awards – because yearly awards are not enough! Plus, some departments also run monthly incentive schemes to reward the best performers and celebrate the efforts of those who drive our business forward.

Feel the rich sense of community

Part of the reward of working with us is the connection to the community you will feel from the moment you walk through the door.

Find your place and become part of something inspiring – not just within our team but within the broader community around us as well. You’ll love the lasting connections you make daily with your customer and teammates!

Become part of our story

More than just a community, we are all part of a rich legacy – from our local teams and branches, our collective national family, and through to our global connections as part of the Belron Group.

Without our people, we wouldn’t be the successful business we are today – and we’re reminded of this every day when we look at the legacy that every team member has helped us build right around Australia.

BEST OF BELRON® Competition

The Best of Belron® Competition is a global bi-annual competition that sets out to identify the very best vehicle glass technicians within the Belron Group. As part of the group, O’Brien® holds a national competition to determine the best Auto Technician in Australia, before that Auto Technician goes on to represent our country at the global competition usually held in Europe.

The prize? Not only will you be crowned Belron’s Best Auto Technician in the world, but you’ll also receive a whole year’s wages in prize money!

Celebrate your exciting milestones

When you reach a significant milestone with us, we reward and celebrate your dedication to our business, because we’re grateful for every year that you spend with us!

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