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Supporting team members and important causes

27 June 2022

Supporting team members and important causes

Our team members value getting involved in supporting significant causes, and we also care about maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing. So, we especially love it when we get to do both at the same time!

So how do we create the opportunities for our team members to participate?

The Wellbeing and Giving Back Challenge

This Challenge runs from April to October, with a new learning initiative or action-based challenge each month. The Challenge encourages our team members to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing, give back to the local community and build awareness around important causes.

These activities also motivate our team members to collaborate and take action to make positive change – true to the O’Brien® DNA.

“This is how we practice our core values,” Erica Woodward, Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Business Partner for O’Brien® says, “We know how embedded we are in our community. So, we provide our team with opportunities to participate and make a difference.”

What our team members think about the Challenge

At O’Brien®, we genuinely care about our people’s physical and mental wellbeing, giving back to our communities and supporting important charities.

Erica, who is leading the Wellbeing and Giving Back Challenge for 2022, says, “Having just joined the team, I enjoyed seeing people sharing meaningful experiences here at O’Brien.”

Beth Pope, Queensland and Northern Territory Business to Business Account Manager, who has been with O’Brien® since 2009 and has participated in many of our Wellbeing and Giving Back initiatives over the years, even getting her family involved, says “If you keep fit, it also supports your mental health as well”.

The success of last year’s Wellbeing and Giving Back Challenge proves that our team members are not only committed to top-quality service delivery, but they are also taking up opportunities to give back and look after themselves. These voluntary initiatives have allowed everyone to build team spirit while having fun.

What the Wellbeing and Giving Back Challenge 2022 involves

This year, we are combining virtual and physical challenges and activities that will encourage our team members to do more and be more. It’s all about having fun with your team while giving back.

April: Healthy Heart & Wellbeing virtual webinar – Helpful tips and information for our team members to support them with healthy eating habits and improve their wellbeing.

May: Camp In for Camp Quality
Camp Quality is an organisation that supports children who have cancer and their families. For the Camp In, our people camped away from their beds, in their backyards, lounge rooms or at a campsite. Attended by 210 team members, along with their family and friends, it was a memorable night with fun activities including trivia, a movie viewing party and a creative photo competition.

Erica also shared her experience during the Camp In, saying “I slept on my couch that weekend – and it was great to know that I’m doing more than just that. I was contributing to Camp Quality.”

June: Push-Up Challenge
The Push-Up Challenge is geared towards promoting better physical and mental health by completing a daily target of push-ups in 24 days. Taking on this fun but challenging opportunity are 16 teams with 99 members, who will be making the most of exercising while raising funds for mental health awareness.

On the days working from home, the Push-Up Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for Beth to connect with team members, build camaraderie and stay active. “This is one of my favourite initiatives because it supports a number of causes – mainly, mental health,” Beth shares. “I’m a very fit and active person and I love being part of a team.”

What else can our team members expect from the challenge?

July: Dry July – Committing to going alcohol-free for the month to raise funds for cancer patients, while also experiencing the numerous health benefits.

September: Spirit of Belron Challenge A four-day fitness challenge, as our team members take part by swimming, running, cycling and walking while raising funds for Belron’s global charity partner, Afrika Tikkun.

Funds raised globally by the Belron businesses go towards helping children and young people in some of the poorest parts of South Africa. A few of our team members will even be heading to London to join the global activities of the Spirit of Belron Challenge, hosted by Belron.

October:  Thriving With Stress virtual webinar – Created especially for our teams to best support them with practical and helpful ways they can deal with stress.

There’s an opportunity at O’Brien® for you, too!

If you join us, you’ll always know that you’re in excellent hands, your wellbeing will be supported and you’ll be able to give back to important causes and help our community.

So, if you want the opportunity to build your career in a company that truly values you, as well as the causes you’re passionate about, contact us today.

You can check out our available O’Brien® roles by clicking here.