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Supporting career growth with learning development opportunities

1 November 2022

Supporting career growth with learning development opportunities

For our people to be their best selves, we encourage them to think about what learning opportunities they need to reach their potential every day at work. After all, we believe that a job at O’Brien® allows you to feel safe enough to be you, be great and be inspired! We know that when our people are happy, so is our business.

To help, we offer a variety of learning opportunities to develop to skills and knowledge, available for all our team members. Employment at O’Brien® is an opportunity for our people to build a career with us; with options to take on exciting challenges, and stretch their skills by moving into different roles and where possible, get access to leadership opportunities, no matter who they are!

So how do we invest in our people for leadership and personal development?

Individual development

Team members have access to a library of on-demand self-paced learning across various topics to develop themselves personally and professionally. Our offering is built to support their overall career development and growth. Learning is delivered in multiple ways: formal (online, virtual, and face-to-face), collaborative and on-the-job. Sharon Klingenberg, Glazing Solutions Team Manager shared how she drives her own personal development, “the online learning offerings provide a great opportunity to focus on your own growth and development, particularly when you are also supporting other team members. There is a wide variety of topics to choose from. Plus the digital reminders help to ensure you don’t forget to make time for yourself with learning, even when things get busy.”

Leadership development programs

To ensure we are enabling and supporting our people to become great leaders, O’Brien® have developed customised leadership programs.  These tailored programs guide our people through the key skills, behaviours and knowledge they need to lead successful teams at O’Brien®.

‘Develop’ program for Front Line Leaders

The Develop program focuses on the foundations of leadership and management aligned with our DNA.  Participants build their skills and knowledge in proven techniques to inspire others into action while smoothly navigating obstacles to growth and change in the current business environment.

The program is delivered online, allowing participants to join from wherever they are based  and engage with one another. Since commencing in 2021, 99 participants (across eight cohorts) have completed the program. With a feedback rating of 4.6 out of 5, the program has been well received. A recent Develop program participant, Luke Purdie, Central Planning Manager, shared his experience as “really engaging and a good refresher… was also a great insight into other teams and areas of the business, as well as getting to hear different perspectives from the other participants.” Luke also shared that he most enjoyed getting some helpful tips and reminders on how to simply, yet effectively, structure key processes such as goal setting and sharing feedback.

‘Lead’ program for Group Leaders (Pilot)

The Lead program broadens the understanding of human drivers and performance excellence to lead effectively across organisational boundaries.  The program is aimed at leaders reporting into the Executive team, and is delivered via virtual sessions and a face-to-face workshop.

This year, a program pilot was conducted with nine participants completing the four modules over six months.  The pilot was extremely successful with participants acknowledging its relevancy and applicability. As a result, planning is underway to roll the program out to our Group Leaders in 2023.  Lead program pilot participant and Head of Customer Solutions, Sally Sylvester, commented, “I loved every minute of the Lead Program!  It was well organised, structured, and balanced over a 6-month period, allowing me to test, practice and learn what was taught.  I really valued the time away from my normal day-to-day to focus on myself, listen and share ideas with my peers and understand new ways to improve my leadership and commercial thinking shared by the facilitators.”

But the work doesn’t stop there!  At O’Brien®, we are continuing to work on developing more great programs and opportunities to support our people in doing their best and being their best every day!  If you’re looking for opportunities to grow and learn throughout your career, take a look at our current vacancies – and get in touch. Want to know more about the O’Brien® DNA? See here.