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Spotlight on CSC Careers – Heidi and Aaron Share Their Experiences at O’Brien®

17 May 2023

Spotlight on CSC Careers – Heidi and Aaron Share Their Experiences at O’Brien®

Here at O’Brien®, our Customer Solutions Centre (CSC) is the central hub of our vehicle glass operations right across the country. When customers need assistance with their windscreen, rear or side glass, this is who they call for help.

Over the years, so many of our amazing staff have started their O’Brien® career in the CSC, before moving on to other vital roles within our organisation.

Today, we wanted to shed the spotlight on two of our former CSC superstars, Heidi R and Aaron C, both of whom now work as Key Account Administrators within our Insurance department.

We’ve asked them a few questions about their time here at O’Brien® to help get a better idea of their career progression – as well as what they love about working with our customers.

Heidi and Aaron, how did each of you get started here at O’Brien®? What attracted you to a Customer Solutions Centre (CSC) role?

Heidi: I started with O’Brien® almost three years ago now. Initially, it was just a 6-month contract over the busy summer period, but I loved it so much that I eventually ended up with a permanent role in the CSC.

I decided to apply for O’Brien® because I love working with people and making a real difference to customers by solving their problems..

Aaron: Like Heidi, I’ve been at O’Brien® for around two and a half years. I’d never worked in a call centre before, but someone working at O’Brien® suggested that my personality would be great fit for a CSC role. So, I applied, and that’s how my exciting journey at O’Brien® started.

What were you doing before you started at O’Brien®?

Heidi: Before O’Brien®, I did a lot of sales work, especially for charities. I was always good with my customers, but I was ready to try something new – and I’m so glad I did.

Aaron: Believe it or not, I used to be a Lab Embryologist for IVF Australia. But while I’d always loved science, it just wasn’t the environment for me. Before that, I worked in hospitality, and that’s where I really got a handle on my customer service skills.

You have different roles with O’Brien® now. How did you hear about these opportunities while working in the CSC?

Heidi: Well, funny story! Aaron used to be my Team Leader, and he’d recently moved into the role he’s in now. When a similar position opened up, he thought I’d be perfect for it, so he encouraged me to apply. So I did, and I got the job!

Aaron: It’s always good to help and support where I can, as that is what my managers have done for me!

Heidi: That’s honestly one of the best things about O’Brien®. Everyone is always encouraging and supporting you to grow.

Aaron: For me, back in the CSC, I started learning how to be a mentor and eventually landed a part-time supervisor role.

When a new supervisor position came up, I applied for that, and that’s when the leadership team recognised that there was another role available that might be even better for my personality type – and that’s where I am today!

How has the O’Brien® leadership team supported your career and development?

Heidi: Honestly, I learn something new here every day. My managers have always helped me to find better ways to do things.

The leadership team just know how to look after you in all the right ways. They’re always trying to help you, train you and support you to grow. It’s genuinely like a family here.

Aaron: As Heidi said, the leadership here is incredible. They’re always looking out for us.

As an example, when you first start, you get to fill out a development plan with your manager, and then they’ll work with you throughout your career to make sure you’re achieving your goals.

What do you love about your current role and working at O’Brien®?

Heidi: This is the first job in my life where I wake up and I’m actually happy to go to work.

I love the flexibility, the autonomy and the trust that they place in me to do my role. Plus, the skills I’ve learnt here, and in the CSC, have really helped me in my personal life too.

Aaron: A big part of my current role is complaint management, and I love working with the data I get from these complaints to see where we can make improvements in our organisation for the benefit of our customers.

Do you have a favourite customer moment you want to share?

Heidi: Helping my customers is always my number one goal.

I remember a customer rang saying they were about to go on holiday, but they’d just cracked their windscreen. Their closest O’Brien® branch had a two-week wait, so I spent close to half an hour on the phone searching for a branch that could help them that day. When I finally got them in, they were so grateful.

They’re the moments that make me love what I do.

Aaron: My story is similar to Heidi’s. A customer called me in tears because she’d just backed into a pole and shattered her rear windscreen. She was almost inconsolable, but I just told her that this sort of thing happens all the time, and if it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have a job. This made her laugh and really calmed her down. I then walked her through the process and managed to get her a new rear windscreen that afternoon. The relief in her voice was so heart-warming.

What advice would you give anyone looking to join O’Brien®?

Heidi: Don’t be scared. The team here take such good care of you. You don’t need any prior experience, just a great attitude, because you’ll be fully trained on everything. Ask lots of questions and take your time. There’s so much potential here and room to grow.

Aaron: What Heidi said! Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. There’s so much training available. Just be genuine, be yourself and be driven.

Whether you’re here for life or while you’re studying or between jobs, the leadership team will always consider you an important member of the team and will always support you.

The team at O’Brien® is always here for you!

Do you think you’d love a career at O’Brien®? We’d love to hear from you! Take a look at our current vacancies to find the perfect fit for you.

And of course, for all your vehicle glass needs, call 02 9795 3300 and speak to one the experts in our Customer Solutions Centre today!

* Please note that these stories about Heidi and Aaron are particular to them and their skills. While we are always looking for talented people to move throughout our business, we cannot guarantee other people’s stories will be the same.