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Meet our new Auto Technician recruit, Dana!

16 December 2022

Meet our new Auto Technician recruit, Dana!

Our recent O’Brien® AutoGlass ad featuring Nat, the Technician from our Tuggerah branch, went viral. The ad has not only made Nat a little famous, but it reminded everyone that our Automotive Technician roles are not just for men; they are open to any gender you identify as – no matter if you’re female, male or anywhere in between.

Since the ad aired in March this year, we have received lots of positive feedback from existing, new, and potential Auto Technicians, which is why we want to keep spotlighting the talented females that join our team.

So, we spent some time with one of our recent Auto Technician recruits, Dana, who’s based in our Bayswater branch in Melbourne to learn how she’s finding her time at O’Brien®.

Who is Dana?

All you need to work as an O’Brien® AutoTech is a willingness to learn, alignment with our DNA, and a hunger to best support our customers. Dana brings all these attributes from experience across various industries, including aged care, retail, hospitality, and even dog sitting and walking. Her focus was clear across these roles – she understands the importance of helping customers.

Dana is thriving at O’Brien®, already flying through her Certificate III in Automotive Glass Technician apprenticeship, and has transitioned successfully into a Mobile Auto Technician. She’s the whole package, and we’re lucky to have her on board.

If Dana isn’t at work, she’s with her two dogs, one a cattle dog mix, Pepper, and the other a German Shepherd, George. Both are incredibly playful and keep her busy.

What motivated her to apply at O’Brien®? 

When asked why she chose O’Brien® as her next gig, she mentioned her Mum watched the O’Brien TV ad featuring Nat, and suggested Dana to give it a go. She had never thought about applying for a role at O’Brien® before but was intrigued by the ad and thought she’d submit her resume.

What things surprised her most?

The more she worked at O’Brien®, the more she noticed that despite the work keeping her busy, the team were present and available to help her succeed. She says, “The thing that shocked me the most was how connected everyone is and how quickly everyone is to be there and support you. They’re not doing it because they have to; they’re doing it because they want to. There is a culture of caring, wanting to ask questions and check in – I hadn’t expected this in a trade-based role”.

Dana thought being a female would make her stick out like a sore thumb in Branch, but “it just felt normal. They’ve never made it a point that I’m a female, and there is respect that we’re all at the same level and that everyone can do the role with the right support”.

She mentioned that everyone looks out for one another and celebrates “even the small achievements. If someone moves from Level 3 to Level 4 or had a huge day completing eight jobs, everyone is super excited for you. It’s also so reassuring to have a group of people willing to let you make mistakes, take a break, and encourage you to keep trying”.

Were there any worries about applying for a role?

Dana mentioned she had some initial concerns about lifting glass throughout the day, but this has not been an issue. “There’s a lot of training, so you are taught how to lift and hold glass properly, using special tools like the 1-Tek®. Our team does as well to make sure we’re stretched and ready to lift for the day.  The first week, everything was new and I was a bit sore from using different muscles. But over time, everything just became easier”.

Any advice for others thinking about applying for an Auto Technician role at O’Brien®? 

“Don’t wait! Send the application in and give it a go. Give it a chance and things eventually just click. There is so much to learn and a lot of support to help you. It’s about showing that you’re giving it a go!”.

Sound like a place you could settle into? We’re currently recruiting for roles like Dana’s role all over Australia. Click here to explore your next opportunity today!

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