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How O'Brien supports ongoing career development!

13 May 2022

How O’Brien supports ongoing career development!

What career progression looks like at O’Brien®

At O’Brien®, we understand that growth takes many different forms.

That’s why we take the time to understand the individual needs of our people and do everything we can to empower them to achieve their goals. This involves supporting all types of career progression – upwards, sidewards and even those who want to stay where they are to focus on becoming experts in their own niches.

Our approach to Personal Development Plans is to not only help our people understand how their performance is measured, but it also allows our leaders to get insights on what support and opportunities our Team Members need so they can achieve their own personal career targets too.

From this process, we offer the opportunities, mentoring and resources they need.

Career Spotlight: meet three (among many!) O’Brien® Team Members who have developed their careers with us

 Pola joined O’Brien® through our Customer Solutions Centre in November 2016, having customer service experience and skills from her previous roles. But Pola was up for a challenge – so, she strived to push past her career comfort zones until she became a Branch Manager in November 2020.

Pola was doing such an excellent job in her initial role that it led her Leader to notice her potential and soon request to transfer her from the Customer Solutions Centre to a Branch not long after she was hired.

“It was a combination of being proactive and taking the initiative to learn,” she said.

She then took on a Customer Service Coordinator role, liaising with Technicians, Branches and suppliers until 2018. And in 2020, shortly after coming back from maternity leave, she applied for the Branch Manager position and successfully got the role.

“O’Brien® gave me all the support I could ask for,” Pola said. “They empowered me to be a strong person and a strong leader.”

Pinaky joined the business for a three-month internship, and now, ten years, seven roles and three departments later, he is now pursuing a rewarding career in Operations.

During his time at O’Brien®, Pinaky has experienced so many aspects of the business; working as an Intern, an Accountant, a Commercial Analyst and in Organisational Transformation.

“I’m someone who always raises my hand for new opportunities,” he said, “because I’m always open to challenges and the opportunity to grow.”

And grow he has – however, he still looks fondly back to where he came from. Today, Pinaky takes the time to help out with his previous departments and lend his guidance. “The business helped me grow and now this is my chance to help the business and its people right back.”

When Pinaky expressed his interest to become the next Operations Director, management was supportive to help guide him on what exposure he’ll need to develop into that role. We saw his passion for the business as well as his own growth and we’re honoured to see Pinaky evolve from an accounts intern into the phenomenal leader he is now.

“It has been quite a journey,” Pinaky said, “but I still remember the first day I walked into the business – very nervous and very shy. And now I have grown with the business.”

Ashley has had quite a journey throughout his career. From New Zealand to Melbourne to Sydney, he has experienced many different roles and grew a lot in the process.

He first became part of O’Brien® Group Services in March 2018 during the acquisition of the Laser Group, where he was the General Manager for Group Support Services.

In June 2021, Ash was offered the opportunity to take on the Marketing and Partner Services portfolios for our E&P division, which is what led him on the course to the role he now has today.

Ash commends how supportive O’Brien® has been in terms of career growth. “They’re always keen to provide new and exciting challenges,” he said. “They will even consider restructuring a team or creating a new role to allow us to step up.

This culture of growth is ingrained in Ash, who now takes the time to understand his Team Members as a Leader.

As he took on more responsibilities, managed more people and gained more exposure, Ash continued to grow.

“With more people around me, I got exposure to so many senior leaders in the business – meaning people to learn from and learn with,” he said. “I’ve never looked back.”

Supporting our team to thrive in their new roles

As our Team Members build upon their careers within O’Brien®, we’re here to support and guide them throughout the process. From applying for the new role to transitioning and training, we make sure that everyone feels well supported so they can continuously thrive.

We know that the best way to learn is by ‘doing’ and we empower our teams to give it a go and receive feedback so they become stronger. “Sure, you make some mistakes, then you learn, and you adjust – and the business supports you,” Pinaky, who has gone through several role transitions, said.

O’Brien® also equips our Team Members with training, resources and learning opportunities to help them adapt to their new role. “I went through leadership training as a new manager,” Pola said about her promotion to Branch Manager, “and it’s always good to learn about new things and refresh my knowledge.

We know that O’Brien®’s future is with our people

We know the future is within our people so we’re always eager to hear ideas from our teams.

“O’Brien® is always looking for ways to help its people progress. That’s why the Executive team is always open to fresh ideas and genuinely cares about what our teams really want,Ash said. “I was quite impressed by the caliber and tenure of the people in O’Brien® – that’s how I knew they take care of their people.”

There’s an opportunity at O’Brien® for you, too!

“There are a lot of opportunities here – it happened to me and it can happen to anyone,” intern-turned-leader Pinaky said.

O’Brien® is always open to welcoming talent with potential – and from there, we can help you grow as we do.

So, if you want the opportunity to build your career with us as these amazing people have, don’t miss out.

You can check out our currently available roles by clicking find a job!